I have quite an interest in games. There is a real art to the design of games, and when this is done well, they are a real joy to play. In my time, I have played many different games, and have spent much time thinking about strategy and about design. Occasionally I put my thoughts about design into action, creating variants of existing games and even a few totally novel games. Over time, I hope to add articles here discussing games from artistic, recreational and mathematical perspectives. I also hope to detail my own variants and stand-alone games, as well as listing a few of my favourites.

A roleplaying game based on the works of Tolkien.
An (award-winning) text adventure that I wrote in 2004.
A solitaire card game that I created in 2007.
A card game for between one and four players that I created in 2012.
A two player bluffing card game I wrote in 2009
(that can also be used to help learn times tables).
Some nice additions to this classic card game.
Some of my favourites across many media.